Friday, February 09, 2007

A season of changes

Nothing says "Time is gold" more than time itself. In less than four months, since my last blog entry, so many changes had taken place. Back then, I was just talking about the forthcoming fall, but now as I write, winter is already at its shrewdest.

And very soon, a new chapter in my life will begin. I just accepted an employment offer from a fast-growing independent book publisher here in Chicago. Ah how fast time flies! Months ago, I was a mere spectator of this company's bailiwick; next week, I will be an official employee.

As I ponder on these coming changes, let me go back a step and briefly revisit some events that took place during my hiatus from blogging:

1. Patrick and I adopted a five-year-old Maine Coon from ADOPT Pet Shelter where I work as a volunteer. Her name is Shadow (photo inset), and her charm unleashed a nurturing side Patrick and I never thought we had. She currently holds the position of the Queen of our household and the center of our universe.

2. I started working part-time at our neighborhood Barnes and Noble, where, to this day, I enjoy the daily perks of discounted books, coffee, CDs and DVDs. (Beat that!)

3. I worked full-time in a book manufacturing company forty minutes away from home. Books everywhere, it's like utopia! But in early January, I realized how different book manufacturing is from book publishing. I left the company sans any regret because if not for this company, I would never have taken a chance at my new employer.

4. The National Football League (NFL) season once again boasted an entertainment extravaganza. This year, we witnessed our very own Chicago Bears rally to the Super Bowl after more than two decades of absence from The Big Game. I finally understood why this game is watched by two out of three households in America every year: It represents a culture of fierce competition, and a culture where every member in a team has a well-defined function and a fair chance to succeed.

5. I now wear skinny pants. Not much to say about that, except I love how they hug all the right places.

6. I celebrated my first holiday season here in Chicago. Patrick, Shadow and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year with Patrick's family.

Fast forward to next week, and you will find me clueless and wide eyed behind my new desk. Some changes just rattle you with as much FEAR as excitement, and this new job belongs to that category. Oh, but what is life without a little living on the edge, right?